Does It Really Work?

Can women actually give birth without drugs or medications in a very comfortable way, perhaps without experiencing any discomfort? Many birthing mothers can, and it is important to understand that there are quite a few variables in labor and birth that can affect the outcome! Couples need to have a positive but realistic view of hypnosis for childbirth.

Each pregnant woman and her partner must take responsibility for the choices they make while in labor and how they can affect the dynamics and outcome. Many a wonderful birth has been thwarted by not realizing how to make positive, informed choices and yet these issues are easily addressed and learned in a good consumer-oriented childbirth hypnosis class such as Hypnobabies.

Without a doubt, all of our Hypnobabies moms are much calmer and more relaxed during labor which automatically creates more comfort, as well as having *powerful* post-hypnotic suggestions to actually eliminate pain and fear. When expectant mothers feel supported and nurtured during their birth preparation, their satisfaction with childbirth is greatly enhanced.

Our Hypnobabies instructors all have taken courses in hypnosis and have experience with childbirth education, so they are able to address each woman’s personal needs to help her achieve her goals for childbirth. The goal of Hypnobabies is to help all women have a much easier and more comfortable childbirth experience. Most of our natural childbirth mothers do indeed enjoy these benefits, and many moms who originally planned on having some labor medication actually surprise themselves by having a natural birth by practicing and using Hypnobabies!

How effective is Hypnobabies? Show me the statistics!

The following are statistics for Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis only:

1. Very Comfortable births – 70-75%. Women who report that they felt mostly pressure, tightening or mild cramping sensations.

2. Comfortable until transition – 15%. Pressure only, until the 10-60 minute transitional period, with mild to intense degrees of sensation thereafter. “Very manageable.”

3. Comfortable until active labor – 10%, with mild to intense degrees of sensation thereafter This group can have any number of things that affect their birth experiences; prodromal labor, posterior or asynclitic presentations that do not resolve, other labor complications, emotional issues, lack of support, or they simply did not do their homework! (45 minutes a day) Hypnosis for childbirth won’t help a mother or a couple that is not willing to do the work involved in preparing for their baby’s birth.

All women reported that the Relaxation and Fear Clearing in the Hypnobabies program were invaluable to them during their labors.